Author Topic: Battlezone Classic Public Beta 2 Released  (Read 2370 times)

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Battlezone Classic Public Beta 2 Released
« on: April 07, 2013, 06:09:53 PM »
Battlezone Classic beta 2 is now avaialble.

Download Battlezone Classic Beta v2.0
Download Battlezone Classic Beta v2.0 - Bzscrap Mirror

This mod is compatible with Battlezone II v1.3 PB 6.3+. I will provide bug fixes/updates periodically as needed.

- Full Battlezone 1 Campaign with 25 missions.
- Full Multiplayer, 25 Strategy Maps, 19 DeathMatch Maps, 4 Race maps.
- Instant Action with all BZC Strategy Maps, and 5 Training Missions.

Each DM and ST Map supports 5 different game modes:

- Instant Action: Fight with or against up to 5 AI teams for dominance over the map.

- DeathMatch: Pit your dog fighting skills against other players or bots online.
--- Capture The Flag: Compete with your friends over control of their flag.
--- King of The Hill: Fight for your right to be king!
--- Loot: Compete against your friends to capture the most Goals.
--- Race: Race against your friends, see who is the fastest, and the luckiest.

- Strategy: Test your skills at commanding forces against your friends as you fight for control over the map online.
--- Capture The Flag: Command your forces as you work towards capturing the Goal before your enemies do.
--- Instant Action: Fight online with your friends with or against up to 5 AI Teams for dominance over the map.
--- Loot: Be the first one to collect enough Scrap.
--- Capture: Secure and hold the Goals from your enemies.

!! If you're going to be using it with PB6.2, you will need this PB6.2 Compatibility Patch. Do NOT use the PB6.2 Compatibility Patch if you are using PB6.3! For launching the mod via Game Ranger use TNT's GameRanger Mod Selector. I recommend launching with /tps 30 in the command line section.

Please report any bugs or issues on the mantis:
Simply register on the mantis, and I'll set you up.

Sorry it took longer then expected.
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