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Hidden Defenders Alpha Release
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:43:11 PM »
I've decided to release my current version of the Hidden Defenders Modification Pack.

It does not include playable storyline gameplay, it does, however, have a storyline in a readable form. Some things may seem a little sketchy or might not work, etc. This is due, however, to the fact that i have worked on this mod since I was twelve years old, and not everything has been fixed up and made to work properly.

Over the years, all I have really enjoyed, was making the different races, which all this mod has really turned out to be so far. A race addon pack, and that isn't really a bad thing, the mod is still a very enjoyable package as it is.

Hidden Defenders: Version AC1: Download link:

Please be sure to read the readme.

I will be posting updates to the mod to be sure you always have the latest version.

please read the intro document followed by the storyline.

This mod Is meant to be played on public beta version, so please do so.

Please report bugs and problems you encounter and post them below.
EDIT: More info

This mod features:

2 full blown alien races (Aralian, Valion)
1 overblown human race (ESMF) (Earth's Space Military Forces)
2 regular sized human races (BDog, Nazi)
1 smaller alien race (Xagaron) (a bonus race I made for pure enjoyment)

I eventually had decided to remove the SSF (Superior Scion Forces), because I had no enthusiasm in making a scion race.

So in the end I made 2 alien races 3 human, and 1 smaller alien race, A TOTAL OF 6 RACES!.... maybe I went a little overboard  :P

But like I said before, I really enjoy making races, that's why I made so many.

Picture time!  :D

Hidden Defenders Front Cover

Black Dog Emperor Tank

Valion Base Buildings

Aralian Base Buildings

Xagaron Saucers

ESMF Service Bay Daytime

ESMF Service Bay Nighttime

Hopefully most, if not all buildings and vehicles have some cool glow texture for your nighttime driving and battling pleasure.
Many vehicles also have animations, which always adds a little bit of bonus coolness to your gameplay fun.

Like I said before, not everything is touched up, but I've tried hard to make everything as touched up as I could. Unfortunately because of the large amount of vehicles, 99% of them do not have unique voice overs, probably because I'm not a person with a thousand voices, sorry.  ::)

I have also provided a version listing document, located in the HDAddon Information folder, so that I, and you, can see what I've done over the years with this mod.

Recycler .ODF names:

Aralian: avrecy
Valion: vvrecy
ESMF: evrecy
BDog: mvrecy
Nazi: gvrecy
Xagaron: xvrecy

There's also a bonus folder, jammed full of junk that I've accumulated over the years in my modmaking, located "HDAddon/X_HD Mod/Extras" feel free to play around with that stuff too.

Other ODF(s) not in bonus folder: pvlead

And yes, the different races do indeed have actual functioning pilots!..... well, lol, almost all.

My hope is that you will have as much fun playing with this mod, as I have had making it. Not that it was all fun and games (no pun intended), but I most certainly have created some fond memories in bz2, and it will always have a special place for me in my... computer, local disc C program files/Battlezone II".... har har.... heh.

See you in BZ2!

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Re: Hidden Defenders Alpha Release
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 04:09:23 PM »
Linked in News board, will download and take a look when I actually reinstall BZ2.