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Second Progress Report
« on: January 17, 2011, 04:45:10 PM »
It's been a very long time since I've made a decent post here to let you know, so here goes.

Storyline and Missions
I've made massive headway into the storyline, with the full thing planned out. It's split into three parts - Reawakening, Outcast and Union -  which may or may not be released seperately. Every mission I currently plan to have is laid out in skeleton form, with enough wrigge-room to add more if I want to.

I've completed only one map so far - thanks to Threebie for the odd bit of help. That one map is finished apart from the DLL, and I've not done any more so far.

The first Perfidious' new races (the EDF White Foxes) are almost finished, and just need some tweaking for their specialisation.

The second - the Research Corps - also look pretty nice. Thanks to Slaor for models and textures.

Hadeans, Cerberi and QF (Yes, the QF are firmly implemented) are waiting on the release of mods before they get implemented.

Scions and EDF are currently stock, and I'm not working on them now.

So you'll notice that I've not made much progress. I've had to start this mod over several times so far - it's been a disaster - and a recent HD upgrade from 320 to 500gb has stalled work so far. I'm currently reinstalling all my games and I'll let you know once I get back on things. Hopefully you can have screenshots soon too.