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Useful Links For Modders
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like the topic title says. - BZscrap the best site for BZ2 related downloads including various utilities and other useful resources. - the Time Disruptor forums have an extensive BZ2 modding section mainly devoted to the multiplayer aspects of modding. - FishdotXSI a site created by BZ2MD's very own Fishbone, dedicated to all aspects of model making for BZ2 . -  The Battlezone Launchpad, home of the BZ2 DLL scriptor also contains several useful tutorials. - A set of basic tutorials on using the BZ2 editor. - The BZU forums have a busy map and modding board with plenty of information and helpful folks. - Blender, free 3D modelling software with a professional range of features, an XSI exporter was being developed at one point, I'm unsure of it's current status. - Gimp, free 2D image editing software for those that can't afford photoshop.

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