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Mission Scripting
« on: February 21, 2009, 03:30:17 AM »

BZ2 missions use DLL's to drive them, there are several ways to create your own mission DLL's, the first and most difficult route ( for a novice ) is to write them using C++ the DLL source code for 1.3PB4a can be found here :

you can aslo use the BZ2 DLL scriptor created by BS-er to script singleplayer missions ( the scriptor is unable to make multiplayer DLL's ) , you can find it here along with a bunch of tutorials :

Finally OvermindDL1 also made a DLL scriptor which converts python scripts into BZ2 DLL's and can used to make both singleplayer and multiplayer missions, at present not much information is available for this scriptor and I'm not sure if anyone has attempted to use it.