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Winter Map Tutorial
« on: May 27, 2007, 10:38:15 AM »
Winter Map Tutorial:

Programs Needed:
Battlezone II Editor
Photoshop or Grimp - free
Winter -
PakExplorer -

In this tutorial i'm going to use 1024 pixel (RGB) so if you'd like to make a map of different sizes
then make sure you map is size is in multiple of 32.  We will be using 2 colors to create
a simple height image to create the terrain design. Examples images maybe extracted from any stock map using the pack

extractor). Black is low terrain, White is high terrain.

1.) Create a blank image 1024 by 1024 pixel (RGB)
2.) Use the brush tool to paint the lower ground. (Only use Blank & white for now).
3.) Save image as mymap_layer2.bmp & apply step 4 to finish creating the mymap_height.bmp
4.) Now use the blur tool to smooth out your height images so your terrain won't endup being
 to rough ingame & save your map image as mymap_height.bmp.
5.) Using a copy of the height image, use the invert tool to flip the black\white color.
6.) Add some color by adjusting the color balance & Hue\Saturation.
7.) You should try to add some texture by using various effects that your program has to offer. (some grain,maybe plastic

8.) Save your color image as mymap_color.bmp
9.) mymap_layer0 just a black image since you want the texture in game to cover everything.
10.) mymap_layer1 is the path trails. This should be applied ingame

NOTE: Before proceeding you'll need to have a trn file for your map. (you may get this file from any stock map & rename them

to make your filename.)
11.) Required Files (mymap.TRN)(Don't copy bzn,sky,wat files,Let bz2 make the files from the bz2 editor).
12.) Winter:  Import mymap_height.bmp    100-2500 moutains   or 100-1200 more like hills
13.) Winter:  Import mymap_color.bmp
14.) Depending on which version of bz2 your using create a short-cut of (bzedit.exe - 1.3 Patch) or(bzone.exe 1.2 patch)
15.) add the following flag to your short-cut target    /edit mymap.bzn
Example: (Patch version 1.2 or 1.3)
BattleZone II 1.2\bzone.exe"  /edit mymap.bzn
BattleZone II 1.3\bz2edit.exe"  /edit mymap.bzn

16.) Place ter & trn files in addon\mission\instant\mymap & Launch Short-Cut
17.) After Map loads press Control E to open editor
18.) Click Texture - apply 1 texture of your choice to layers 0,2,3
19.) Save Map as mymap
20.) Open Winter & load the mymap.ter file
21.) Click "texture alpha" to import the following layers. mymap_layer0.bmp ,mymap_layer2.bmp, mymap_layer3.bmp
22.) resave mymap.ter & delete the mymap.WAT to avoid AV.
23.) Please the following object where u want the player to spawn "pspwn_1" no quotes & move the existing player ship to that

24.) Using the objects menu load & place your props on your map.
25.) Save Map before attempting to place paths just incase it causes you to AV.
26.) Reload map & press Shift F9   then press 1   2
27.) click the place where you want the ai path on the map & you should see a red square where you clicked.
28.) While that ai path point is selected (red), you should see a transparent screen in the lower left screen that you can

click on to rename the ai path.
29.) please all required ai paths - see stock maps to find all ai path points.
30.) Set the dll of your choice.
31.) type in the console "ai.calccliffs" (no quotes) & hit enter
32.) save the map. (Have Fun)


Question #1.) Do i need to blur height image?
Answer:  #1.) The shaper the image the more rough the terrain will be ingame.

Question #2.) Do i need to blur color?
Answer:  #2.) Only if you want the colors to blend together.

Question #3.) once I delete the .wat file,how do I get water on my map?
Answer:  #3.) After you resave map, the game will recreate your .wat file.

Question #4.) Do i need to create alpha channels for the layers 0-3?
Answer:  #4.) no alpha channel is nessary since the game uses the black & white to do that.

Question #5.) the .bmp isn't the same size of the map (I'm using dunesi.bzn)
Answer:  #5.) map sizes must be in multiple of 32 & if you change the size of your map then delete your bzn & wat file &

create resave your map or AV.

Question #6.)  What do each Layers do?
Answer:  #6.)  See Below:
Layer0 - Simple fill all with one texture
Layer1 - Trails & paths (Use Editor to place them)
Layer2 - Adds texture to lower ground.
Layer3 - Adds texture to high ground.

Question #7.) If i resize or change my terrain height do i need to delete my bzn & wat files?
Answer:  #7.) Yes, bzn the bzn stores the map sizes & object position & the wat also stores info that must be deleted.
Many failures will take place in the process of attempting to achive your goal. It don't matter how many times you fail, Its how much you've learn each time since its apart of the learning process.


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Re: Winter Map Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2007, 10:38:58 AM »
Let me know if anybody finds any mistakes in this tutorails or has any questions...
Many failures will take place in the process of attempting to achive your goal. It don't matter how many times you fail, Its how much you've learn each time since its apart of the learning process.