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BZII Un-official Expansion Pack / Re: [VIDEO!] Expansion Pack - DF: Orbit
« on: October 02, 2012, 07:37:33 AM »
Did the best I could in the engine. IMO it's the closest thing to a space-simulation inside BZ2 yet, and probably the best way to achieve it (waiting to be proven wrong).

Serenesis / Serenesis Update
« on: July 20, 2012, 06:29:25 PM »
See here:

I'm currently working to put together a slimmed-down version of the mod. Depending on it's arrival time, I may push to the full thing. Thread is also full of other sneak peaks and goodies.

Steeveeo's Recycler Variant / Re: SRV 3.0: Yep, its happening
« on: September 06, 2011, 05:36:33 PM »
Sounds good I look forward to it. SRV was a mighty fun rec to play with.

The Nukes can be made to work again now as well thanks to the new particle flags in v6.2

Steeveeo's Recycler Variant / Re: SRV 3.0: Yep, its happening
« on: September 05, 2011, 07:29:57 PM »
Get the sudden urge ;)?

Interesting, what were you all doing at the time?

Well the maps original layout was inspired by Gears of War 2's map 'River', which shares a lot with Unreal ;)

CTF: Torlan, which is set in the same environment had its layout inspired by UT3's map 'Suspension'. UT and Gears both have some great map designs which would work great in BZ2. I'm still intent on creating Cold Harbour in BZ...

BZII Un-official Expansion Pack / Re: Need Massive 1.3 Mod Pack
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:31:04 AM »
It could kind of work, but most of the mods arn't interchangeable with each other, such as sharing the same names for assets etc. Editing something on that scale would take... well forever...

One of the long-term but 'never-going-to-happen' plans for the UEP was for other modders to be able to use it as a basis and make their mods compatible. However I know that nobody is ever going to do that, or bother too.

Missing ODF Files for scions in TJ's Warship Variant. (Missing defences)

Already known CM1 but thanks anyway, see above :)

Serenesis / Re: NEW! Weapon WIP's
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:55:16 PM »
Just seen these replies, thanks guys :)

You just keep making this game more and more pretty :). I would like to see these assets in the patches, maybe as a REC var. or something like that.

I'm doing mah bestest, takes so long to get things looking like that though :(

This wouldn't make it to the patches, there are changes to stock assets that GSH and others wouldn't approve of, but for a Mod its fine. Seeing as S-mod is such a large project though, I DO plan on porting some of the assets to a BZHD project, which will basically be the predecesor/basis for the mod in the future. Not really sure what to do with it yet. If it all goes tits-up as they say, I'll just make a pretty & extensive rec variant :P

sorry missed your post above, either way, still too late now.

They shouldn't really have been there in the first place then... too late now for the Public Beta.

BZII Un-official Expansion Pack / UEP Release Afterthoughts
« on: September 03, 2011, 10:11:23 AM »
I smell an attention whore. How about a list of large contribution credits?  So those who made the map packs, those who made the recs, those who made the utilities.

Thats appropriate, and totally deserved. Maybe i'll go to the backup of BZUniverse and edit my name out of the original concept thread as well...

Added them regardless, I genuinelly didn't think about it when creating the thread. I figured multiple obvious links in game were enough but what the hell.

BUG: Installer says "James Baxter".  It should say something like "UEP Team".

Quote from: Nielk1
I just don't want any anger directed at me if something goes wrong.


#2 The installer soundtrack is 100% not from recoil, its from the Carey Chico extra mp3 download.

#3: will fix

BZII Un-official Expansion Pack / UEP Release Afterthoughts
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:51:51 PM »
Thanks very much :)

EDIT: Added a tutorial on how to use LMM so you get the most from the UEP!

Please report all bugs in this thread, I'll update the original post as changes are made and bugs are reported!
Please try to keep duplicate reports down to a minimum by seeing if your bug has already been reported! Thanks!

Bug List, Items to fix for Title Update 1

  • Adjust Installer splash screen to read 'UEP Team', rather than an individual name
  • Adjust installer to NOT install recoil music tracks for LMM, and title update installer to remove it from current installations

Dogfight Mode:
  • Lucky Dip mode 'OFF' causes pilots to respawn as normal ones. May be an issue with Xtrm Vehicles. Check
  • Host Crash, unknown cause. Possibly script related. Logs Here
  • Some craft missing icons, and likely wireframes. Could be an inheritance issue so do check.
  • Vulcan Tank has a turret aiming issue, where the player cannot use it correctly. This may have been by design initially but is poor for players, fix
  • Gunships need to regen ammo faster, and have more of it. Deploy needs to be more reliable and quicker. In fact, make them less vulnerable.
  • Another crash reported below in this thread. Seems possibly script related again.

Rec Variants:
  • TJ's Devastator has poor pathing and needs 'babysitting'. Increase collision radius, and adjust pathing and avoid types.
  • Replacement recycler can be built too early in MPI variant. Check provides.
  • For some reason some buildings are missing from the Scion Warship Variant. This was finished just a few days ago, must have not imported them into the .pak correctly. infuriating!
  • Scion Utility Builder in TJ MPI variant has default engine sound, fix.
  • Upgraded Scavs/Harversters have incorrect name in description.
  • TJ Variants: The autotrucks seem like they work for a while then just sit there. - Reported by Axe
  • The hover scavs bring the bio-metal to rec, but so do the regular scavs. I kind of wish the regular scavs didn't do that, but it isn't really a big deal. - Reported by Axe
  • MANY MRVP recs are unfinished, out of my hands
  • Fighters in TJRV MPI Variants (and likely IA variants as they share assets), do not have the ability to resupply local-ammo based weapons if they are equipped in the factory. Need some sort of high-altitude service crate for them, and also recommened allowing the Assault Bay to issue them ammo

Pre-Game Shell:
  • Client map viewer doesn't have correctly sized map backdrop. Copy values from host shell.
  • 1440*900 shells do not have a toggle for particle reflections

  • Tranquility has pools that don't blend correctly, fix. Also flatten terrain around base areas for more reliable building
  • MPI/IA TJ: Serenity needs a base pool, wayyyy too tough.
  • More ST>MPI&IA conversions
  • UEP Server map doesn't show for clients, likely an issue in the inf file, especially with all the zeroed ivars. Fix
  • UEP Server map vehicle displays bzuniverse as a website, not longer useful. link it here instead
  • MAG: Rock Fortified spawns player and assets in center of map, likely missing spawn points.
  • TJ: Outposts perhaps a little too dark? Map needs a general touch-up
  • Remove N1's ShellShock map per request
  • CTF: Torlan spawning is backwards! oopsie!

Berserk AIP's:
  • Fix an issue where "VsPilo.odf cannot be found" crops up. Likely an issue with the new virtual classes.
  • Possibly hanging in base building areas. Make sure plan remains aggressive in first 5-12 minutes
  • Need equivalent LUA files, not seen this before but caused an AV sent to me by ViperWC. Bit rusty I guess - Reported by ViperWC

  • Not using junctions seems to be causing an irreversible issue with not being able to join games, not yet verified. Feature was never tested so things like this are to be expected, reported by Zero Angel on
  • Check that color settings are done properly, as per thread comments below.

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